national anthem of unknown country

2013 cd austria naive nj 624611


motohiko ichino: guitars, keyboards
daisuke fujiwara: tenor saxophone, electronics
koichi sato: rhodes, minimoog, nord, piano
hiroki chiba: contrabass, electric bass, electronics
noritaka tanaka: drums

all songs written by motohiko ichino, except 8 by daisuke fujiwara

all songs produced and arranged by rabbitoo

  1. the monkey prophet

  2. yellow soup, then blue bread

  3. diver in the desert

  4. a man sitting in the fifth seat from the entrance, waiting for something

  5. rainforest

  6. subliminal sublimation

  7. eat your orange

  8. distance

  9. round roll rolling

  10. n.a.o.u.c

  11. the third sun

  12. a woman sitting in the second seat from the entrance, waiting for nothing