Razl is the pseudonym of composer andguitar player Raúl Huelves (Madrid, 1973).
He has worked with Mike Keneally and with Bryan Beller to name a few.
An important influence for Razl is the progressive rock of the seventies bands like Frank Zappa & The Mothers, Gentle Giant, or King Crimson.

Early 2013, Lorenzo Matellán and Razl started Beluga. For the recordings of their first album, Beluga invited Marco Minnemann and Damian Erskine. The album, Architecture Of The Absurd", got released in December 2013.


  razl: rotonova
    (2008, cd, spain, martian sheep records) - feat. mike keneally, bryan beller

razl_rotonova.jpg (82710 bytes)

  razl: microscopic
    (2011, cd, spain, martian sheep records ms-02) - feat. bryan beller

razl_microscopic.jpg (24025 bytes)

  beluga: architecture of the absurd
    (2013, cd, spain, ??) = razl + lorenzo mateláu




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