the riot squad

Info from "Shiborugu" : I bet nobody here knew David Bowie played in a band called "the Riot Squad" in the mid-late 60's that covered "It Can't Happen Here", "Who Are The Brain Police" among others....

February 2004, Shiborugu added:

David Bowie's band: The riot squad:
(This is all from "the complete David Bowie", and I haven't read it in ages..)

The Riot Squad was a band that Bowie joined in 66/67 as a sax player/singer (I think). They were a typical garage band, but Bowie got them doing stuff nobody else was, notibly incorperating mime into the show. They also played a few covers, like The Velvet Undergrounds "Waiting for the man" and Frank Zappa's "It can't happen here". Bowie said something to the effect of "it didn't go over too well.. Frank's stuff was pretty much unknown at the time.."

More if I can remember/get ahold of info.

-- info: Shiborugu


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