the rogers sisters

The Rogers Sisters are a New York based rock trio.

Miyuki Furtado: vocals, bass
Jennifer Rogers: vocals, guitar
Laura Rogers: drums, vocals

In 2003, the Rogers Sisters recorded Don Van Vliet's 'Zig Zag Wanderer'. The track can be found on their "(I'm a) Ballerina" 7".

The song was also made available as an extra track on the CD release of "Three Fingers".

  the rogers sisters: (i'm a) ballerina
    (2003, 7", uk, for us records fu026) - incl. 'zig zag wanderer' (don van vliet)
  the rogers sisters: three fingers
    (2005, cd, uk, too pure records) - incl. 'zig zag wanderer' (don van vliet)




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