rosamonde quartet  /  le quatuor rosamonde

Contemporary composer François Sarhan arranged a couple of Frank Zappa pieces. They got recorded by the Rosamonde Quartet and can be found on Sarhan's "Hell (a small detail)" album.

The ensemble has recorded, or participed in recordings of, at least fifteen albums.

The Rosamonde Quartet

  • Agnès Bialobroda: violin
  • Thomas Tercieux: violin
  • Jean Sulem: viola
  • Xavier Gagnepain: cello


The picture on the right was taken from the Rosamonde website



  françois sarhan: hell (a small detail)
    (2004, cd, france, zig zag territoires) - incl. 'sleep dirt' & 'the black page' (frank zappa), performed by the rosamonde quartet


the others of invention



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