the route66 all-star's

live all-star's  (1)

2001 cdr ger inkanish

mick pini: guitars and vocals
roy herrington: guitars and vocals
al jones: guitars and vocals
peter paul brüder: guitar and harp
ralf manthei: bass
"wolfman": hammond organ
jimmy carl black: drums and vocals

  1. avenue 54 (m. pini)

  2. i feel so bad (c. willis)

  3. crosscut saw (traditional)

  4. anything you want me to do (j. reed)

  5. claudia's home (m. pini)

  6. lookin' for somebody (p. green)

  7. messin' with the kid (m. jordan)

  8. nobody wants to die (d. nix)

  9. medley
    help me (s. b. williamson)
       sunshine of your love (j. bruce)
       hey joe (b. roberts)