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RUBATONG was put together by Han Buhrs in 2006. Sure, the musical backgrounds of the members of this quartet differ substantially: there's an improvising bassist that once started off playing punk, a percussionist who is usually engaged in performing the sophisticated precission of contemporary classical music, a guitarist that is known for mixing rock and rap music, but never abondoned his lyrical options and a vocalist that will tempt anything between raw throat sounds and singable language -be it english, dutch or french- to become a song.

That's Rubatong, in theory, that is.

But there's more: this quartet appears to be able to unite around crystal-clear little tunes as well as loud collective rhythmes and sound bursts, thus providing a wide dynamical range within its repertoire.  
The diversity of their musical backgrounds is not a leading principle for the Rubatong musicians. It's just usefull information that they bring in during rehearsals.  
So after all the most striking characterization of Rubatong is the fact that it's a band. A band that ingeniously scrapes and sands their ideas untill a remarkably ideosyncratic music emerges.

Han Buhrs performed and recorded with Palinckx. René van Barneveld was part of Urban Dance Squad, and Luc Ex was the frontman of The Ex.



rubatong: rubatong
    (2011, cd, eu, red note 17)

rubatong_cd.jpg (14595 bytes)
  rubatong: nothing like today / say something, twit
    (2012, 7", eu, red note 18)
rubatong_7.jpg (45144 bytes)




2013/02/23 concert 'Plusetage', Baarle-Nassau, NL




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