russian-german composers quartet

not only for...  (1)

1997 cd uk leo records leo lab cd 033

alexej ajgi: violin, bells, voice
dietmar bonnen: synth, piano, voice, bells, accordion
manfred nieuhaus: viola, voice, thundersheet
ivan sokolov: piano, prepared piano, voice

produced by manfred niehaus and leo feigin

  1. in yes (a.ajgi)
  2. orpheus in the underwear (sokolov, bonnen)
  3. riders on the storm (the doors)
  4. sequences and short cuts (m.niehaus)
  5. not only for batagov (ajgi)
  6. german-russian rondo (niehaus)
  7. tayni pismena (sokolov)
  8. the magic vargan (danilov, ajgi, bonnen, niehaus, sokolov)
  9. watermelon in easter hay (frank zappa)
  10. archangelos (d.bonnen)
  11. quartet (d.bonnen)