salah ragab

Salah Ragab formed the first jazz big band in Egypt (The Cairo Jazz Band) in 1968. He was also the leader of the Military Music Departments in Heliopolis and some of the best musicians in Egypt of that time were members of the band.

Salah Ragab invited Sun Ra to Egypt in 1971 and in 1983 and 1984, and he accompanied Sun Ra on a tour in Egypt, Greece, France and Spain in 1984.

He also studied jazz theories and improvisation with the jazz musician and composer from Kansas City Osman Kareem, with whom he had formed the first jazz quintet in Cairo in 1963.


  salah ragab and the cairo jazz band: egyptian jazz
    (2010, lp, uk, kindred spirit / art yard ksay 002lp)
  salah ragab: black butterfly
    (2012, 2 x 7", usa, jazzman)

salah_ragab_jazzman.jpg (25874 bytes)

  salah ragab and the cairo jazz band: egypt strut / kahn el-khaleely
    (2014, 7", uk, art yard 45002ep)

salah_ragab_egyptstrut.jpg (46134 bytes)







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