zoogz rift

born in the wrong universe (32)

2001 cd usa sci (private release)

zoogz rift (the liquid moamo): lead vocal, all guitars, ...
tom brown: drums & percussion
richie hăss: vibes & percussion
willie lapin: bass guitar, professor napkin
arthur barrow: sitar, keyboards
"holly" fisher: trombone & bass trombone
joe newman: vocal on "gola voda"
danny mathys: flemish insights on "danse of hel"
dr. john scialli: freud recitation on "universe"
michael p. dawson: electric violin on "naked water"
dan hornback: theremin
dennis alfrey: harmony vocal on "far away land"
john trubee: de sade recitation on "universe"

engineered by arthur barrow

  1. born in the wrong universe
  2. propeller beanie boy
  3. my uncle nerus works for the secret marines
  4. naked water
  5. danse of hel
  6. linguini percussion, no. 211
  7. far away land
  8. gola voda
  9. somebody ate renfield