so und nicht anders
    - includes 'let's move to cleveland' (frank zappa)

2017 cd ger time-zone tz1399


  chato segerer: electric & acoustic guitars, vocals, fake-marimba
  kay hoffmann: tenor sax & clarinet
  david tiedtke: keys & synth
  adrian 'ad man' müller: bass, vocals
  sebastian berg: drums & tambourine
  janina ruopp: lad vocals & flute
  everybody: shouting
  jens buschenlange: trumpet & flugelhorn solo  4
  johannes-clemens schmidt: trombone  4

all tracks wirtten by chato segerer, except where noted

  1. vilma
  2. a 3-way on the freeway
  3. walking in the streets at midnight
  4. let's move to cleveland  (frank zappa)
  5. music-stereotypes-medley
  6. neverman

  7. act I: the departure
  8. act II: the adventure
  9. act III: coming home
  10. tears of adrenaline