prog fusion with balls
    - includes a zappa tease

2015 cd ger wavemen records


chato segerer: damon, lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keybaords, slide whistle, bass, drums, piano
sophie lefeber: female vocals
marco zügner: alto sax
adrian 'ad man' müller: bass
sebastian berg:drums
dave tiedtke: keys & synth
jovana wolf: glockenspiel, percussion
christopher lange: synth solo
isabel rössler: bass

all tracks wirtten by chato segerer, except where noted

  1. intro
  2. pulsh-hit
  3. silverliner
  4. chicksy dicks
  5. intermission
  6. inner peace
  7. overture to suzy speedfreak
  8. the story of suzy speedfreak acts I, II & III
  9. outro

    bonus dreck
  10. remembering good times
  11. i'm only in you for your money - includes a zappa tease