joe satriani, eric johnson, steve vai

g3 - live in concert
    – incl. ‘my guitar wants to kill your mama’ (frank zappa)

1997 cd-promo usa aek 67920
1997 cd usa epic 487539 2

stuart hamm: bass
eric johnson: guitar, vocals
joe satriani: guitar, vocals
steve vai: guitar, vocals
stephen barber: keyboards
roscoe beck: guitar, bass
jeff campitelli: drums
mike keneally: percussion, guitar (rhythm), keyboards, sitar
mike mangini: drums

  1. cool no. 9 (satriani)
  2. flying in a blue dream (satriani)
  3. summer song (satriani)
  4. zap (johnson)
  5. manhattan (johnson)
  6. camel's night out (brock/smith)
  7. answers (vai)
  8. for the love of god (vai)
  9. attitude song (vai)
  10. going down (nix)
  11. my guitar wants to kill your mama (frank zappa)
  12. red house (hendrix)

random notes

g3 live in concert  -  on cd & video!
"g3 live in concert", the new cd and home video from epic records, is in stores now!  the compact disc features 3 songs from joe satriani, 3 from eric johnson, 3 from steve vai (including his grammy-nominated live performance of "for the love of god"), and 3 jam songs featuring all three musicians onstage at once (including mike keneally's guest vocals on frank zappa's "my guitar wants to kill yer mama"), recorded in chicago in november 1996.  the video features the same 12 songs, but taken from the minneapolis concert in december 1996.