gene simmons

Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons' " *** Hole" album features a song co-written by Frank Zappa. The song is build around an unused Zappa riff and is titled 'Black Tongue'.

  gene simmons: ***hole
    (2004, cd, eu, sanctuary sancd145) - feat.ahmet, dweezil, frank, gail & moon zappa - track co-written by fz

random notes

Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons' first solo record in 25 years will feature songs co-written by Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa. The as-yet-untitled disc, for which no release date has been set, will be released on Gene's own label through Sanctuary Records. He plans to build a song around an unused Zappa riff, titled 'Black Tongue'. "The plan is for Dweezil, Ahmet, and everybody to play on it, and to take Frank's voice and create a brand new song. It's very dark, very sort of King Crimson, "In The Court Of The Crimson King"-kind of sound, with 7/8 time.".

info: Andrew Greenaway / Marco Kalnenek



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