joe satriani

crystal planet

1998 cd au epic 489473-2


joe satriani: guitars, bass, keyboards, harmonica
stuart hamm: bass
jeff campitelli: drums, percussion
eric caudieux: keyboards, programming, editing
eric valentine: drums, bass keyboards, percussion
rhoades howe: percussion
elk thunder: percussion

produced, engineered and mixed by mike fraser

all songs written by joe satriani, except where noted

  1. up in the sky
  2. house full of bullets
  3. crystal planet
  4. love thing
  5. trundrumbalind
  6. lights of heaven
  7. raspberry jam delta-v
  8. ceremony
  9. with jupiter in mind
  10. secret prayer
  11. a train of angels  (joe satriani, z.z. satriani)
  12. a piece of liquid  (joe satriani, z.z. satriani)
  13. psycho monkey  (joe satriani, z.z. satriani)
  14. time z.z.'s song