joe satriani

flying in a blue dream

1989 cd us relativity 88561 1015-2


joe satriani: guitars, bass, keyboards, banjo, harmonica, percussion, vocals
jeff campitelli: acoustic drums, electronic drums, percussion
bongo bob smith: electric drums and percussion  5, 12, 13
john cuniberti: sitar, percussion
stuart hamm: bass  5, 16, 17
simon philips: acoustic drums  6

produced by joe satriani and john cuniberti

all songs written and arranged by joe satriani

  1. flying in a blue dream
  2. the mystical potato head groove thing
  3. can't slow down
  4. headless
  5. strange
  6. i believe
  7. one big rush
  8. big bad moon
  9. the feeling
  10. the phone call
  11. day at the bach (new rays from an ancient sun)
  12. back to shalla-ball
  13. ride
  14. the forgotten (part one)
  15. the forgotten (part two)
  16. the bells of lal (part one)
  17. the bells of lal (part two)
  18. into the light