peter stuart


2002 cd usa vanguard records

peter stuart: vocals, guitar
susie katayama: arranger, conductor
andrew williams: guitar, piano, background vocals
dave immergluck: guitar
greg liesz: guitar
mark isham: trumpet
charles gillingham: keyboards
kevin savigar: keyboard
d.j. bonebrake: vibraphone
dan rothchild: bass, background vocals
davey farragher: bass
jay bellerose: drums
curt bisquera: drums
denny fongheiser: drums
don heffington: percussion
moon zappa, adam duritz, boots ottestad: background vocals

produced by mark isham

  1. take me back
  2. propeller girl
  3. innocence
  4. with my heart in your hands
  5. vertigo
  6. let's get lost
  7. roll me over
  8. songs about you
  9. here i am here
  10. the real you
  11. bring you back