safe & sound

From the Zonga web-site: "This series will provide for anyone interested a unique journey into the intimacy and the creative work of Safe & Sound. Each volume will present a full rehearsal session from the begining to the end, without any kind of post-production. Only the boring bits like tuning-up or installing the equipement has been ommited."

Safe & Sound = Dude + Captain Yann

  safe & sound: rehearsal 1: 30/04/94 at the classroom
    (1998, cdr, fr, zonga records zr 211098-1507)
- incl. 'why does it hurt when i pee?' (frank zappa)
  safe & sound: reheasal 5: 01/02/95 at the classroom
    (2001, 2cdr, fr, zonga records zr 190701-2349) - incl. 'brown shoes don't make it' (frank zappa)
  safe & sound: rehearsal 6: 22/04/95 at the classroom
    (2001, 3cdr, fr, zonga records zr 010901-1054) - incl. 'kidz cereal' (dweezil zappa)


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