scatterbrain recorded frank zappa's 'titties and beer'.

  scatterbrain: mozart sonata #3
    (1990, cd, aus, virgin vozcd 100) – incl. ‘titties and beer’ (frank zappa)

  scatterbrain: mozart sonata #3
    (1990, 7", aus, virgin voz 100) – incl. ‘titties and beer’ (frank zappa)

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     Subject: Who is Guy Brogna?

      From: Furbelly (
Guy Brogna, a bassist for the (now-defunct, I believe) band Scatterbrain is listed at as having formerly played with FZ. If anyone has any information as to whether he recorded anything with FZ, I'd be interested in hearing it. I know he also gave thanks to FZ in the liner notes of the Here Comes Trouble CD.

     From: Jon Naurin (
Guy Brogna referred to Frank as his "favourite musician ever" in a letter to Society Pages (US), but he doesn't mention having played with him.

      From: Jon Naurin (
I found this in an old Society Pages issue. It brings clarity to the Guy Brogna/Scatterbrain question, raised in another thread:  

    Guy told Den about another pesky cloud of confusion that has dogged Scatterbrain. It seems that someone at East Coast Rocker magazine misconstrued "Guy, a Zappa fan" into "Guy, who used to be in Zappa´s band". Other Packard Geese took that lead, and the result has been continous repetitions of this goof-up by the "rock press". While enjoying the increasing attention of the press, Guy is getting tired of constantly saying "No, I wasn't in Frank Zappa's band!"

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"Fekete Istvan Dr."

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