the screws

the screws
    – incl. ‘jesse lee’ (frank zappa)

1999 cd usa in the red 60

    mick collins: vocals, guitar, harmonica
    marty moore: drums, bass
    dan brown: bass, organ
    terri wahl: vocals, guitar, slide guitar
    jon wahl: sax

  1. into the ground (screws)

  2. you're just a bum (screws)

  3. jesse lee (zappa)

  4. kill someone you hate (redd kross)

  5. valley (screws)

  6. transistor (screws)

  7. can't get arrested (screws)

  8. i hate music (mad)

  9. collectur scum (screws)

  10. zulu lulu (screws)

  11. your face (screws)

  12. i wanna go shopping (screws)