sinister footware

Sinister Footware is a band from around Worcester, MA, USA. They play the music of Frank Zappa.




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2005/07/-- Chris said:

Yes, I am playing bass and vocals for "Sinister Footware" - doing nothing but Zappa covers...and having a great time doing it!

We have two guitars and drums - and continually looking for a keyboard player (damn hard to find someone willing it seems, been searching for four years now...but have decided recently to just start playing locally (Worcester area of Massachusetts, USA) without keys (a bit of a balls-y, if not stupid move - but we can't wait forever either)...everyone is anxious to get going!

We are doing most of the "hits" - Dirty Love, Cosmik Debris, Outside Now, I Am The Slime, etc...and TRY to cover a bit of something from each era....but, without boards - we are severly limited with song selections. We have managed a set of around 24 tunes though...a decent nights worth of material to wreak havoc on!!


We are Sinister Footware - and yes, we are doing all Zappa covers....

The show is at the Stoughton Cinema, Saturday, Oct. 8th 6pm and is a benefit for Katrina Relief Fund. Tickets are $15 in advance $20 at door.

We will be playing a 45 minute set - and plan on the following set (in no particular order)

More Trouble Everyday
Cosmik Debris
Dirty Love
Camarillo Brillo/Muffin Man
Joe's Garage
San Ber'dino
I Am The Slime
Carolina Hardcore Ectacy

Hope to see you there!



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