Dutch band Sjako! is Wouter Planteijdt's project.
In 2005, René van Barneveld (Urban Dance Squad) joined Sjako!.

Sjako! recorded Frank Zappa's 'More Trouble Every Day' as well as 'Magic Fingers'.


  sjako!: sjako!
    (1983, k7, nl, ape tape atac2514)
  sjako!: sjako!
    (1983, lp, nl, hasznee 0.6)
  sjako!: l'amour qui fait boum
    (1989, cd, nl, columbus records 2695022) - incl. ‘more trouble every day’ (frank zappa)

  sjako!: secret skin
    (1990, cd, nl, columbus records 846 483-2)
  sjako!: livewire
    (1993, cd, nl, columbus records 995901-2)
  sjako!: once upon a revolution
    (1995, cd, nl, full colour records 478391 1)
  sjako!: 2 meter sessies
    (1996, cd, nl, radio records 483923-2)
  sjako!: note
    (1997, cd, nl, dureco 11 63282)
  sjako!: page
    (2000, 2cd, nl, turtle records trd0009) - limited edition with a live bonus disc - incl. 'even more trouble' (frank zappa / sjako!)
sjako_page_2cd.jpg (37288 bytes)
  sjako!: page
    (2000, cd, nl, turtle records tr0009)
  sjako!: page
    (2000, sa-cd, nl, turtle records trsa0009) - super audio cd
  sjako!: lucky spots
    (2008, cd, nl, coolhouse records ch70102) - incl. 'magic fingers' (frank zappa)

sjako_luckyspots.jpg (41599 bytes)




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