chewing hides the sound

2016 cd austria klanggalerie gg220

- re-release of the 1979 album


phil culp: bass  4
don jackovich: percussion  6
steven brown: soprano saxophone  12

produced by snakefinger and the residents

  1. the model  (schult, bartos, hutter)
  2. kill the great raven (snakefinger, the residents)
  3. jesus was a leprechaun (snakefinger, the residents)
  4. here comes the bums (snakefinger, the residents)
  5. the vivian girls (snakefinger, the residents)
  6. magic and ecstasy (morricone)
  7. who is the culprit and who is the victum? (snakefinger, the residents)
  8. what wilbur? (snakefinger, the residents)
  9. picnic in the jungle (snakefinger, the residents)
  10. friendly warning (snakefinger, the residents)
  11. i love mary
  12. the vultures of bombay (snakefinger, the residents)

    bonus tracks
  13. the spot (snakefinger, the residents)  -  a-side of 7" "the spot"
  14. smelly tongues (the residents) - b-side of 7" "the sport"
  15. talkin' in the town (snakefinger, the residents) - b-side of 7" "the model)