greener postures

2016 cd austria klanggalerie gg225

- re-release of the 1980 album

tracks 10-18 recorded live in melbourne 1981

the residents

written and produced by snakefinger and the residents

  1. golden goat
  2. don't lie
  3. the man in the darksedan
  4. i come from an island  (snakefinger)
  5. jungle princess
  6. trashing all the loves of history  (snakefinger)
  7. save me from dali
  8. living in vain
  9. the picture makers vs. children of the sea
  10. smelly tongues  (the residents)
  11. i love mary
  12. picnic in the jungle
  13. jinx
  14. kill the great raven
  15. who is the culprit and who is the victim?
  16. jesus was a leprechaun
  17. what wilbur?
  18. the spot