the sonics

fire & ice / the lost tapes
    – incl. ‘anyway the wind blows’ (2 different versions) (frank zappa)

2001 lp spain munster records mr 205

bob bennet: drums
rob lind: sax, vocals
andy parypa: bass
larry parypa: guitar
gerry roslie: vocals, keyboards

  1. anyway the wind blows (A)  (frank zappa)
  2. anyway the wind blows (B)  (frank zappa)
  3. loveitis
  4. i'll always love her
  5. lost love
  6. good hard rock
  7. once again
  8. i'll stay with you
  9. i'm right
  10. only she would do
  11. love lights
  12. goodbye
  13. near my soul
  14. wake me, shake me
  15. you're in love