the soulhunters

just in the nick of time
    – incl. ‘the torture never stops’ (frank zappa)

1989 lp i contempo records conte 135
1990 cd i contempo records contedisc 135

recorded in the summer/autumn of 1989 at planet sound, italy

nick vannini: the voice, the guide
j.j.masini: bass, high vocals, mouth noises, vacuum cleaner
de ragonesi: lead, rhythm and stunt guitar & pavarotti falsettos
casini raggi: keyboard, synth & diuretics
max rushyka: drums & santa claus

tracks 9 - 14 are taken from other vinyl albums

  1. party chemist

  2. the torture never stops

  3. (s.k. of) vacuum cleaner

  4. my room (mai rum)

  5. o.s.v.a.l.d.o.

  6. she was my boyfriend

  7. spiderman-adventure-shoes

  8. sweet awakenin'

  9. in sky we trust

  10. fishes like water

  11. maelström

  12. you're a beter man than i

  13. i can't believe you leave

  14. one million advances