spanner jazz punks

ne'er-do-well adventures
- incl 'what's the ugliest part of your body?' and 'willlie the pimp' (frank zappa)

2014 cd uk private release


adam bickerton: bass, backing vocals
paul chousmer: accordion
bobby demers: drums and samples
gavin griffiths: lead guitar
robbie knight: keyboards, backing vocals
sue nove: clarinet
george simmonds: trombone, backing vocals, elc pan pipes
dan spanner: alto & tenor saxes, clarinet, bass clarinet, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, zither, marimba, assorted percussion
helen tate: violin, backing vocals
mike wade: baritone sax


  1. tuning without an oboe  (carpenter)

  2. everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey  (lennon, mccartney)

  3. punk jazz spanner  (carpenter)

  4. take warning  (carpenter, burton)

  5. vile doctor  (carpenter)

  6. edulretni ahsmeb  (best, monk, carpenter)

  7. bemsha swing  (best, monk)

  8. happiness is a warm gun  (lennon, mccartney) / what's the ugliest part of your body  (zappa) / you can't kill me  (allen) / i am the walrus  (lennon, mccartney)

  9. preparing to wallow  (carpenter)

  10. hollow man  (carpenter)

  11. into the sea
    a. shark  (carpenter)
    b. sitting on the beach  (carpenter, bickerton)
    c. let's go for a swim  (carpenter, vane)
    d. in the sea  (carpenter)
    e. saved by the moon  (carpenter)

  12. black & tan fantasy  (ellington, miley)

  13. pimp rant  (carpenter)

  14. willie the pimp  (zappa)

  15. lust for ko-ko  (osterberg, bowie, parker)

  16. california sunshine  (carpenter, vane, crowley)

  17. bandura  (trad. arr. carpenter)