chris spedding

click clack
    – incl. ‘click clack' (d.van vliet)

2005 cd ger spv recordings spv 78052 cd

chris spedding: vocals, guitars, keyboards, violin, harmonica and bass
tal bergman: drums
iain dixon: tenor sax
sarah brown: vocals
bryan ferry: harmonica
danny thompson: acoustic bass
freddy koella: mandolin

produced by chris spedding

  1. hilife  (spedding)

  2. cure  (rubin, spedding)

  3. you don't own me  (parsons)

  4. why are people like that  (charles)

  5. please don't  (koeze, spedding)

  6. nobody  (parsons, spedding)

  7. hear your daddy  (koeze, spedding)

  8. ramblin'  (coleman)

  9. how to get rid of the blues  (spedding)

  10. no other baby  (bishop, watson)

  11. click clack  (van vliet)

  12. last date  (cramer)