the spiders of destiny

7th Annual ZappaFest - December 14 at Stonefly

This year, we'll be at Stonefly, the brewpub formerly known at Onopa, at 735 E. Center Street in Riverwest, Milwaukee. Our annual music event, features the musical madness and mayhem of Frank Zappa.
Right now, we've got Dr. Chow's Love Medicine and The Spiders of Destiny confirmed.

The Spiders of Destiny feature Dixon Bols on lead guitar & Mr. Poopy, bass & vocals, from the Fun-ka-trons; David Darsh, keys & vocals, ex-Wild Kingdom; Danny Dinky, drums, ex- Shinola; Greasy Guido, guitar, from Drunk from Beer, and introducing the soon to be infamous Chestica Air-on of 5 Star Hangover on lead vocals and madness. They will be doing their versions of "Mr. Green Genes", "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up", and "Let's Make the Water Turn Black". They plan to do "Magic Fingers", "Sharleena", "My Guitar Wants to Kill your Mama", and hope to do "Love of My Life", "Muffin Man", and "Chunga's Revenge". Other surprises are being planned from Spiders of Destiny...

Dr. Chows Love Medicine is led by Dr. Plow, Frank Chandek, who is Mr. Green Genes for real, toting that trash and plowing them streets for Milwaukee Streets & San. Between times, he and his bandmates perform as Dr. Chow´s Love Medicine, a theatrical rock and blues combo, reinventing classics and creating new ones.
Since joining us at Zappa 2000, they've incorporated Frank Z's tunes into their touring act. Expect "Durty Love", "Valley Girl", "Miss Pinky", "Bobby Brown", "Magic Finger", "Dog Breath, "Baby Snakes", "DynaMo Hum" & "Mr. Green Genes," plus "Willie the Pimp" with a Captain Beefhart sax wail !

Visit for more info as we get it !!

-- Jeff Platt




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