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The Spinifex Tuba Band and the Umlaut Double Trio performed Sun Ra's 'Love in Outer Space' in concert during the Trytone Dubbelplusconcert at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam.
Broadcast on vprojazzlive.radio6.nl


  spinifex orchestra: trioda
    (2008, cd, nl, karnatic lab records klr 017) - feat. joost buis
spinifex_triodia.jpg (32481 bytes)
  spinifex: hipsters gone ballistic
    (2013, cd, nl, trytone tt559-055)
spinifex_hipsters_cd.jpg (24522 bytes)
  spinifex: veiled
    (2015, cd, nl, trytone tt559-062)
spinifex_veiled.jpg (36719 bytes)
  spinifex: maximus
    (2015, cd, nl, trytone tt559-063) - feat. bart maris
spinifex_maximus.jpg (17439 bytes)
  spinifex: 2005 - 2015
    (2016, 5cd, nl, trytone tt559-063) = compilation + 1 bonus album  //  feat. bart maris, joost buis
spinifex_2005_2015.jpg (12831 bytes)
  spinifex: amphibian ardour
    (2017, cd, nl, trytone tt559-075) - feat. bart maris
spinifex_amphibian_ardour.jpg (49599 bytes)
  spinifex: soufifex
    (2019, cd, nl, trytone tt559-076) - feat. bart maris


in concert at the 'Plusetage' in Baarle Nassau NL - 2018 01 27

John Dikeman: tenor saxophone - Bart Maris: trumpet - Tobias Klein: alto saxophone - Jasper Stadhouders: guitar - Philipp Moser: drums - Gonçalo Almeida: bass


Dhamal Qalandar Shabaz
Bohemians Gone Extragalactic
Things That Occur
Revathi Tillana
Losing One Object A Day
Amphibian Ardour
Doppio Nudo Dal Niente




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