the squirrels

the not-so-bright side of the moon
    - incl.'the torture never stops' (frank zappa)

2000 cd usa popllama products poplust pl-2001

rob morgan: lead / harmony / background vocals, sound effects, kazoo, blurred visionary
jimmy 'jt' thomas: lead & rhythm guitars, slide (guitar & whistle)
tom morrison: keyboards, internal combustion synthesizer
kevin crosby: 5-string bass
hollis the bug: drums, percussion, assorted pots and pans, quilt
joey kline: lead vocals on 5, 9, lead guitar on 8, 9
baby cheevers: misc.spoken parts
kurt bloch lead guitar on 4, 2
skerik: saxophones
don pawlak: pedal steel guitar
conrad uno: spoken parts (the engineer)
tortelvis: misc.spoken parts
ed zeppelin: misc.spoken parts

produced by rob 'capt.' morgan

  1. speak to me
  2. breathe
  3. on the run
  4. time
  5. the great gig in the sky  (incl.'the torture never stops' (frank zappa))
  6. money
  7. us & them
  8. any colour you like
  9. brain damage
  10. eclipse