aka gordon sumner, sting

born:  oct 2, 1951 in wallsend, england

 sting appears on "broadway the hard way."




  sting: covering them
    (1992, cd-bootleg, i, red lines pscd 1231) – incl. ‘the idiot bastard son’ (frank zappa)
  sting: the art of the heart
    (1992, cd-bootleg, i, red phantom rpbx 009/010/011) – incl. ‘the idiot bastard son’ (frank zappa)
  sting: live vol.1
    (1993, cd-bootleg, australia, joker jok-050-a) – incl. ‘the idiot bastard son’ (frank zappa)

sting_live_vol1.jpg (37237 bytes)

  sting: i shall be released
    (1997, cd-bootleg, can, dolphin records ) – incl. ‘murder by numbers' with the zappa band
  sting: los angeles 1988
    (2002, 3cd-bootleg, ??, watch tower wt 2002076/77/78) – incl. ‘the idiot bastard son’ (frank zappa)

sting_losangeles1988_3cd.jpg (16157 bytes)







      eric martin ( wrote
i just got  finished reading the mike keneally tour diaries for march 5 and he mentions that sting wanted the sheet music to "the idiot bastard son" does anyone know why? did he ever record that song or play it live? just curious.

      from: mike keneally, march 5th, 1988
    (reprinted w/o permission from obvious moose)
frank read to us a note from sting saying that he really enjoyed playing with the band, thanks for accomodating him or something along those lines, he would really like to help frank out with registering voters in america as long as frank helps sting to get thatcher out of office - which frank found very intriguing - and the note ended with "please mail me the sheet music for 'the idiot bastard son', you won't be sorry. love, mr. sting." frank called him mr. sting on stage. let me think of some other things i might not have mentioned about sting; during one of frank's guitar solos sting came over to where i was and looked at all the underwear surrounding me and said "what the hell is this?" i said "it's gifts from the audience," and he took down a bra and put it on his head. sting obviously had a very good time, his note seemed to verify that.

      from: kurt ising (
he did play the song live.  i've got a sting bootleg of cover tunes which includes it.  i think it's from his (sting's) 88 tour with branford marsalis in the band.  the boot includes covers from a variety of his shows.
i don't think there was any info on the particular song lineups or performance dates but i can check that at home.  the title is "CoveringThem".  it also includes stuff from dylan, kurt weill, hendrix, gershwin, and probably a few more i can't remember offhand.  the zappa piece, which i think is done acoustically, sounds like it's from a pretty intimate show.
 i remember the audience laughing at the "his mother's a hooker somewhere in la" line.

     from: simon westaway (
steve vai and vinnie colaiuta both appear on a hendrix project called "in from the storm", along with the likes of steve lukather, stanley clarke, sting, carlos santanna etc. (source: i bought it on cd this morning in malta international airport). vinnie plays on "the wind cries mary", and vai plays on "drifting" (with corey glover from living colour on vocals).

      from: patrick neve
and here's a wonderful sting-related diary entry courtesy mr. keneally; (march 4th 1988 tour diary)

     from: charles ulrich ( -      date: mon, 30 apr 2001 22:08:53 -0700
sting appeared as himself on ally mcbeal tonight. he was involved in a lawsuit. the judge and at least one of the lawyers repeatedly referred to him as "mr. sting".

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