The Stukas started out at New Years of 1989 in Borlänge, in the midst of the most picturesque and most „typically swedish" part of Sweden. It is one of those swedish provinces where you can hear people play swedish folk music on their fiddle behind every barn. But it is also the home of some of Sweden’s finest Rock bands such as Sator- and the Stukas. Sister Mia (Bass, Vocals) and brother Puttra Wikdahl (Guitar, Vocals) joined forces with drummer Björn Jonson to give the world some serious Punkrock. They all had been earning their musical wings in other constellations and in different musical directions before and wanted to get back to the „real thing".

With some influences from the Dickies, Ramones and such, the Stukas now took on their mission to deliver energetic and noisy music to anyone who’d listen. Early on they got loads of gigs all around Sweden, and after a few months they were offered their first record company deal by „Really Fast Records". They ended up releasing their debut single „Gonna kill her". Through the early 90’s they toured a lot in Scandinavia and they opened up for bands like the Toy Dolls and Hard-Ons. They received rave reviews and were hailed as the band who „brings us the best sing-along Pop Punk that sticks".

In 1993 they moved to Stockholm, in 1994 they started their cooperation with Birdnest Records which led to the release of the CD Single „Funhouse" and the album „the world according to...", the cover single „9" and two tracks on the Birdnest Cover version sampler „Draaa" - one of which is a completely spaced out version of Frank Zappa’s „Wind up working in a gas station". On top of this they had a lot of success with the swedish media, among other things they performed on the „Tradlost" programm (an unplugged radio show) on swedish national radio.

1995 brought some trouble, they had problems finding a reheasal studio and that kind of messed up the first half year for the band. After this was finally solved the Stukas went on tour in Finland that got them lots of critical acclaim.

1996 began with a bunch of new songs that were just waiting to be recorded. After some rehearsals the band went to Traxton recording in Stockholm, and the result of the hard work in the studio is „Showing Off" their second album. This is a beautifully poppy release that will lift your spirits in an instant. While their older output vaguely reminded of Hüsker Dü, the Descendents and Blondie, the new album shows the band much more matured but still they maintain wonderful vocal harmonies, slightly weird arrangements but basically it can be labeled as Hard Pop with humor and tons of good spirit.

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  stukas: 9
    (1994, cd, sweden, birdnest records bird055cd)
- incl. 'wind up working in a gas station' (frank zappa)

  various artists: draaa!
    (1994, cd, sweden, birdnest records) - incl. stukas: 'wind up working in a gas station' (frank zappa)

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