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between music and madness
    - incl. 'blessed relief' (frank zappa)

1974 lp uk ??
2004 cd uk jj records jjcd 001

albie donnelly: tenor sax, electric sax, vocals, verbals
ozzie yue: lead guitar, lead vocals
bob robertson: tenor, baritone saxes, guitar, vocals
alan peters: trumpet, flügelhorn, vocals
tony dunmore: bass guitar, twisting
dave irving: drums, twisting melons
vinnie parker: piano 6,11

  1. tune, gap, clap, fig (donnelly)
  2. still alive an well (deringer)
  3. doggone (robinson, moore, tarplin)
  4. give it up (kool and the gang)
  5. midnight (yue, irving, donnely)
  6. lazy lady (peters)
  7. superstition (wonder, wright)
  8. new york (dreams)
  9. blessed relief (zappa)
  10. troubled soul (peters)
  11. wine, wine, wine (yue, donnelly)
  12. fig, chat, feet, slam, bang (donnely et al)