naked angels (1)

1969 lp usa straight records  sts 1056
???? cd usa straight records sts 1056 (counterfeit)

the album got re-released in 2007 on world in sound, combined with "lucille..."

1969 studio recording

jeff simmons: guitar, bass, vocals
al malosky: drums

produced by randy steirling

music composed by jeff simmons

  1. naked angels theme  (r.steirling)
  2. ride into vegas  (j.simmons, r.steirling)
  3. vegas boogie  (j.simmons)
  4. vegas pickup  (j.simmons, r.steirling)
  5. cop out  (j.simmons)
  6. first desert ride  (j.simmons, r.steirling)
  7. rank  (j.simmons, r.steirling)
  8. boinin' (third ride)  (j.simmons)
  9. scots breath  (j.simmons)
  10. rat grind  (j.simmons)
  11. bar dream  (j.simmons)
  12. camper scene  (j.simmons)
  13. toccata for truck  (j.simmons)
  14. end theme  (r.steirling)