Thumper was a punk band based in Nürnberg, Germany, from 1985 until 1987. They recorded and released Frank Zappa's 'What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body', on their first 7".

About the "Stop Stop Stop!" single, Thumper added on their website:
"After having practiced for a few hours, we had a half dozen or so "songs" recorded on a cheap boom-box, and presto!, our first single was born. It was quickly announced in Mykel Board's MRR colmn as one of his all time favorite records. He even added that the sound qualitzy would move any sound engineer to jump out of a 6 storey window! Featuring a cover of Frank Zappa's 'What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?'."


The picture on the right is taken from the Thumper website.




  thumper: stop stop stop!
    (1986, 7", ger, mt-012) - incl.'what's the ugliest part of your body' (frank zappa)
mt012c.jpg (84874 bytes)


- Hans-Peter Schmidt

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