too noisy fish

fast easy sick
- feat. pierre vervloesem

2011 cd bel rat records rat 014


peter vandenberghe: piano
kristof roseeuw: bass
teun verbruggen: drums

mixed and mastered by pierre vervloesem

all compositions by peter vandenberghe
  1. 13 potatoes  (peter vandenberghe)

  2. amen yourself / ultratonic  (peter vandenberghe)

  3. black keys, white keys: what's the difference, they all end up the same  (peter vandenberghe)

  4. curly wurly napoleon  (peter vandenberghe)

  5. bread? shade! she? me ...  (peter vandenberghe)

  6. fish that sing can't swim  (peter vandenberghe)

  7. there's lots of us  (peter vandenberghe / pierre vervloesem)

  8. sick jazz  (peter vandenberghe)

  9. tbc (to be cancelled)  (peter vandenberghe)

  10. the sky is falling  (josh homme / nick oliveri)

  11. latin laundry  (peter vandenberghe)