john trubee

spanish sunset

2012 download usa --

recorded and mixed at lonely whistle studio, santa rosa, california
february 11th, march 24th, april 29th, & may 30th, 2012
engineer : don campau

john trubee: guitar

produced by john trubee

all selections composed by john trubee

  1. anomie
  2. spanish sunset
  3. death of the spoiled rock stars
  4. baby let your hair hang down
  5. all my sorrows, all my joys
  6. waiting for boo
  7. interstellar erotic frenzy at the exploding event horizon
  8. in loving memory
  9. long time gone
  10. the grim slog
  11. gettin down with the now generation
  12. heathers methamphetamine teeth
  13. all my sorrow, all my joys (original version)

Don and I agreed to record this album purely for fun. We agreed to kill the project if it became UNFUN. This is in direct response to the prevailing, grotesque phenomenon of everyone always doing everything for money, which sucks all the joy out of life.

This recording is dedicated to my sadly deceased friends:
Zoogz Rift, Barry Craig, Bob Madigan, Richie Hass, Pam Edwards, Art Jarvinen, Candace Lane, Jeanne Lind Huffman, Chris Leadem, Larry Lajmer, and Ophir Shur