the tubes

live & alive - live usa
- re-issue of "darted in my armchair" - los angeles 1976  // incl. 'love will keep us together' (= 'gimme that harp boy' (van vliet))

???? cd-bootleg ?? ??

another bootleg of the los angeles 1976 concert

recorded in concert in los angeles in 1976

rick anderson: bass, vocals
roger steen: guitar, harp, vocals
bill sputnik spooner: guitar, vocals
vincent welnick: keyboards, synthesizer
fee waldo waybill: lead vocals
prairie prince: percussion
michael cotton: synthesizer


  1. young and rich / grandiose instrumental overtube / what do you want from life?

  2. tubes world tour

  3. love will keep us together  (= 'gimme that harp boy' (van vliet))

  4. pimp

  5. mondo bondage / don't touch me there

  6. boy crazy

  7. stand up and shout