1978 lp usa polydor  2344104
19?? cd germany eg records egcd 35

recording  : 1977 , > 1978 studio recording

eddie jobson: keyboards, electric violin
allan holdsworth: guitars
john wetton: vocals & bass
bill bruford: drums & percussion

produced by u.k.

side one

  1. in the dead of night    (e.jobson, j.wetton)
       a. in the dead of night
       b. by the light of day
       c. presto vivace

  2. thirty years  (e.jobson, j.wetton, b.bruford)

side two

  1. alaska   (e.jobson)

  2. time to kill   (e.jobson, j.wetton, b.bruford)

  3. nevermore   (e.jobson, a.holdsworth, j.wetton, b.bruford)

  4. mental medication   (e.jobson, a.holdsworth, b.bruford)