un poco loco

un poco loco recorded Frank Zappa's 'Blessed Relief'.

  un poco loco: cary mary fuk!
    (1996, cd, cs, gallup 008-2) – incl. ‘blessed relief’ (frank zappa)


random notes

     From: Dr. Istvan Fekete (IFekete@daten-kontor.hu)
A german-czech jazz band.

     From: Charles Pater (charpa@flevonet.nl)
On this CD Zappa is in good company with jazz composers like Wayne Shorter, Oliver Nelson and Bud Powell, instead of classical composers like Debussy and Albeniz (see Duo Sonare) or Lutoslawski and Part (see Diego Conti). Zappa's composition Blessed Relief that sounded so much like a Miles Davis ditty on the Grand Wazoo CD gets here a kind of free jazz approach with a sort of Eric Dolphy bassclarinet.
This is Jazz Group was recorded at "Mirdovo hudebni studio", Prague 1995.

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