uncle meat

Dutch band Uncle Meat plays the music of Frank Zappa.

The band was previously known as "Zappa Te Koop", but changed their name into Uncle Meat.

February 2005, the band shared the bill with The Foolz for a concert at 'De Boerderij' in Zoetermeer, NL.

March 2008, Uncle Meat took part in the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen, NL.


The pictures on the right were shot during the Zappateers Festival by Bazbo.






  • 2008/03/15 Uncle Meat concert "Zappateers Festival", Nijmegen, NL
    • setlist
      • Magic Fingers, Son Of Orange County, Trouble Every Day, I'm The Slime, Evelyn The Modified Dog, Big Swifty I, Black Napkins, Big Swifty II, Eat That Question, Sick Tiny Tears (poetry), Cosmik Debris, Lets Move to Cleveland, Cheap Thrills ("Op En Neer"), Sofa no.1 & 2, Pygmy Twylite, Big Leg Emma

Above picture shows the band in action at the Zappateers Festival, 2008/03/15. Picture taken by Ed Lick.






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