timetunnel 25

2017 cd ger rent a dog rad 2014-2


rudi mahall: bass clarinet
lömsch lehmann: tenor saxophone, clarinet
frank wingold: guitar
sebastian gramss: double bass
dirk peter kölsch: drums

produced by sebastian gramms and underkarl

  1. a call for all demons  (sun ra)
  2. freddie freeloader  (miles davis / solo by miles davis)
  3. all of me  (gerald marks & seymours simons / solo by sonny stitt)
  4. sandu  (clifford brown / solo by clifford brown)
  5. donna lee  (charlie parker)
  6. caravan  (juan tizol & duke ellingtone / solo by  jimmy hamilton)
  7. line for lyons  (gerry mulligan / solo by chet baker)
  8. peace  (ornette coleman / solo by ornette coleman)
  9. two's blues  (jim ahll / solo by chet baker)
  10. goodbye pork pie hat  (charles mingus / solo by john handy)
  11. east of the sun  (brooks bowman / solo by stan getz)
  12. four brothers  (jimmy giuffre)
  13. all the things you are  (jerome kern / solo by coleman  hawkins)
  14. evidence  (thelonius monk / solo excerpts by thelonious monk & steve lacy)