uranus bruyant

French fanfare jazz funk band Uranus Bruyant was created in 1991 by art students from Rennes, France. Ten years later, the band got professional and released its first album. Around 1997 new members directed the band to a more funky direction, releasing a couple of EPs (one in 1998 and the other one in 2000). One of these included a bunch of Zappa tunes.

The picture on the right comes from the Uranus Bruyant website.





1 uranus bruyant: (first album)
    (1993, cd, fr, ??)
  uranus bruyant: uranus bruyant
    (1998, cdep, fr, new ub 01) - incl. various frank zappa compositions
  uranus bruyant: ??
    (??, cdep, fr, ??)
2 uranus bruyant: yac'h mat
    (2003, cd, fr, buda music)


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