the urban surf kings

Canadian surf band the Urban Surf Kings recorded Frank Zappa's 'I'm Not Satisfied' for "Lemme Take You To The Beach", the Zappa Surf album on Cordelia records. The USK have one album out and have contributed to quite a number of compilations, films and tv-soundtracks.

The Urban Surf Kings are:


  the urban surf kings: looking sharp
    (1996, k7, out of print)
  the urban surf kings: surfin' santa
    (1996, k7 ep, out of print)  
  the urban surf kings: the man from s.u.r.f.
    (1997, cdep, out of print)  
  the urban surf kings: urban surf kings play el toro! & other favourites
    (1999, 7", out of print)  
1 the urban surf kings: get instro-mental! with the urban surf kings
    (2000, cd, ??, ??)  
  various artists: lemme take you to the beach
    (2004, cd, uk, cordelia records cd035) - all compositions by frank zappa

from the november 2003 big nOte newsletter:

And here's yet another chapter of the "Surf Instrumental cover versions of tunes by Frank Zappa" project

I asked all of the Zappa Surf album contributors the same couple of questions.
Thanks to The Urban Surf Kings, I can tell you the following:

The Urban Surf Kings hail from Halifax, NS, Canada. They play Surf, Surf 'n Surf and claim to breath Surf. Asked if they wanted to live in Califonia, their answer was: "I don't know...can you ski there?"
For the upcoming Zappa Surf album on Cordelia Records, they performed 'I'm Not Satisfied'. They heard about the project through the Cowabunga web site, picked one of their favorite tracks and did their Surf Trick with it.
The Urban Surf King Representative adds: 'I love "Freak Out", but my fave album is "Absolutely Free".  'I'm Not
satisfied' just seemed to cry out for twang. We'd love to do a whole Zappa album surf style.  If anyone wants to release
it, feel free to get in touch."


the others of invention



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