camper van beethoven

camper van beethoven is dead, long live camper van beethoven
    – incl. ‘who are the brain police?’ (frank zappa)

2000 cd usa pitch-a-tent pat200002

camper van beethoven
morgan fichter
anthony guess
david immerglück
victor krummenacher
greg lisher
david lowery
chris molla
chris pedersen
jonathan segel

  1. broadcasting live
  2. l'aguardiente
  3. tom flower's 1500 valves
  4. all her favorite fruit (orchestral version)
  5. closing theme
  6. loose lips sink ships
  7. who are the brain police
  8. stayin' at home with the girls in the morning (vienna club mix)
  9. klondike
  10. s.p.37957 medley
  11. balalaika gap (demo)
  12. the perfect enigma machine
  13. we're all wasted and we're wasting all your time