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Drawn to the badge

At museums, guard uniforms often cloak painters, photographers and
other practicing artists. Even if it's not a short cut to the
permanent collection, there are benefits to keeping an eye on
By Diane Haithman, Times Staff Writer,0,946627.story


South Pasadena native John Vince began his career as a graphic and
advertising designer, working on album covers for Frank Zappa in the
early 1980s. Now the 60-year-old has turned to painting - and a guard
job at the Huntington.

"The computer came along and pretty much started doing everything I
used to do: hand-lettering and preparing art for printing," Vince
says. "Thank heaven for the security job here at the Huntington. I
never get tired of actually coming here, because it's so beautiful,
and I get to see new shows and paintings all the time. We say it's
like another day in paradise when we come to work."




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