klaus voorman

klaus voorman overdubbed jim pons's bass on the "sometime in nyc" album on which zappa and the mothers jammed with john and yoko.

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info from TT - 2002/05/16
Newsgroups: alt.fan.frank-zappa - Subject: Did Phil Spector Hate the Turtles?

Hello--I read something interesting yesterday that I was not aware of before. Apparently when John and Yoko and Phil Spector released their versions of the FZ/Fillmore/jam on the "Sometime in NYC" album, they not only stripped out Mark
and Howie, which we all know about, but they also removed Jim Pons's bass lines and had Klaus Voorman overdub them. That was news to me but it's apparently true.
Which led me to thinking...seeing as Mark and Howie and Jim were all Turtles not two years prior to this event, was there bad blood between that band and the ever-paranoid Mr. Teddy Bear himself?
Did he offer to record them early in their career and they told him to go take a hike?
I don't believe that John or Yoko would have told them to strip the Turtles out of the mix, simply because they were old friends of John's, had a good relationship with him and had been frequent drinking buddies during their common time in the charts. (The Turtles have often said that they modeled themselves to be the American Beatles, which while it didn't quite happen, it was certainly a fine thing to aspire to!)
Any thoughts or knowledge on this would be appreciated. Mark and Howie are going to be here in Phoenix on June 3 but I can't go, so I can't exactly ask them.
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