my skinny wonderland

what went wrong?
- feat. pierre vervloesem

2015 cd bel off label / p.v. presents opv009

recorded by skinny between 1998 and 2000

my skinny wonderland / philippe tasquin: voice, d50, piano, samples, choir, lead and backing vocals, violins, violas, melodia, toys, hamonium, harpsichord
toulouse / pierre vervloesem: bass, guitar
dj bear: drums, tambourine
gauthier lisein & jean-hugues andré: mambo percussion
teresa roosen & jean-françois cobut: violins
manuela bucher: violas
marie-eve ronveaux: cellos
jean furst: falsetto
pieter hespinetszki: flutes
lemond: 2nd lead and backing vocals
sultan icham: baritone sax
cool ghost: alto and tenor sax
fletcher anderson: bass
ondine: ondes martenot


mastering and mixing by pierre vervloesem

  1. introduction  (skinny)

  2. quiet village  (les baxter)

  3. christmas crime  (skinny / skinny, toulouse)

  4. harry finally found a job  (skinny)

  5. 216  (skinny, billy merwick / skinny)

  6. whodunit  (skinny / skinny, toulouse)

  7. finally  (skinny)

  8. the new liberace  (skinny)

  9. what went wrong?  (skinny)

  10. blind alley  (skinny)

  11. damned messiah  (skinny / skinny, toulouse)

  12. the paramount  (skinny)

  13. town without pity  (ned washinton, dimitri tiomkin)