patrick vian

"Patrick Vian (born 12 April 1942, in Angoulême) is the son of French writer, musician and critic Boris Vian. He first gained notability as a member of the progressive rock/protopunk band Red Noise (which was associated with Ame Son); the band formed at the Sorbonne in 1968, and played its first show during the occupation of the university. According to Vian, these were exciting times: he later commented that in Red Noise's early days, "their concerts wouldn't end until the cops came." The band released one album, Sarcelles - Lochères, in 1970, before breaking up. Given the revolutionary times, the band split rather appropriately into a socialist and a Trotskyist section, the latter of which continued under the name Komintern. In 1975, he composed some of the music for the film Hu-Man (starring Jeanne Moreau and Terence Stamp) by Jérôme Laperrousaz. In 1976, he recorded Bruits et Temps Analogues, originally on the Egg label, which was owned by Barclay Records and designed to present young and innovative mmusicians (it had Vangelis and Tim Blake under contract). He is included (like Ame Son, Komintern and Red Noise) on the Nurse With Wound list."




  red noise: sarcelles - lochères
    (1970, lp, fr, futura records)
  patrick vian: bruits en temps analogues
    (1976, lp, fr, egg records) - re-released in 2013

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